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Hi! How are you?

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Hi! :)

So...um...does anyone want to draw fanart? (I am terrible at drawing humanoid characters...)

I would but I Can't draw on the computer for the life of me. In real life I'm an art master though. (I even have Fan Art for this! I just can't post it online :(  )

I can't draw on the computer, but I can draw on paper. (Kinda...). And you can post your fan art online, even if it isn't done on the computer. Just take a picture and upload that. That's what I'll do, eventually. That is, if I ever draw some fan art that I'll actually be willing to post...

I drew and posted a picture of Emma the Ninetales Hybrid. It's okay I guess....
I'm trying to draw Lincoln...I'm failing so much XD. Emma looks good.

Really? I used dA Muro, then screenshoted it. 

And Serena was done using an anime character maker...


I'm going to take a picture of one of my Fan-Arts using my tablet and see if I could pst it here? It wouldn't go in any category, because one is just the back of Alise staring out of her cell, and the other is Alise, Rouge, Tony, Lucy and Wesely all standing in a row togethter with darkness swarming around Tony. IDk what I can do but I shall try!

Yeah, you can upload .jpg files, which is what most digital cameras use. What I'd do (if I actually had a drawing ready, that is) is take the photo, transfer it to my laptop, then upload it. (I've done stuff like this on other sites, but not on wikia before, so I suppose I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that'll work).

You upload it as a .jpg. Are you putting info boxes on your pages? For the image, put ____.jpg in the "image" section.

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